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Enterprise org admin workspace setup

14 lessons, 14 minutes

Org admin settings

All of the settings mentioned throughout the course can be found in your workspace under the organizational admin panel. If you are unable to access the organization settings, please contact our support team by pressing the question mark in the bottom right corner of your screen and clicking ‘contact support’ on the bottom.

About this course

We have videos and written instructions to guide you through key features to set up your account. Topics include:
  • Login preferences and SSO
  • SCIM Provisioning and user groups
  • Workspace sharing settings and managing docs
  • Organizing and consolidating your Workspace
  • Integration approval and security
  • How to deactivate users and transfer docs
  • How to audit events and use Coda’s API
  • Your support and resources
  • Guide for launching Coda
We recommend going through each lesson of the course in the order suggested. To familiarize yourself with the offerings of your Enterprise plan and the org admin role, click here.


Org admin roles

Get an understanding of the Enterprise org admin role and who should hold this role.

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