Enterprise org admin workspace setup

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When to utilize our Admin API

For our Enterprise customers, we offer the Coda Admin API to allow programmatic access to administrative capabilities within Coda. Enterprise admins can use the Admin API to view and modify policies, integrate with a DLP or e-discovery tool your company may use, view audit logs, and more. While you can find most usage information in your Members & Groups dashboard, the API allows you to dive deeper into what actions those users are taking within the workspace.

How to utilize the Admin API

We recommend using the Admin Pack - a UI layer to the Admin API that gives admins real-time information on users, docs, folders, Packs, and activity in their organization right from a Coda doc. Check out this guide for helpful templates to get you started . More information about our API can be found here.


Audit events

Understanding the audit events dashboard to monitor your organization.

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