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Docs that will make you an extraordinary machine. Or at least a little more sane.

Did you do it today?

Track your habits. Don't break your streak!

Made by Jeremy

Eisenhower To-do list

A to-do list inspired by President Eisenhower's prioritization matrix of "do, schedule, delegate, don't do."

Made by Joe

Flashcard Study Guide

Put in data you want to memorize, and browse it in all sorts of ways to enhance your memory!

Made by Gil

✅ GTD To-do list

A to-do list for fans of David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD) philosophy.

Made by Joe

Super Simple To-do list

The simplest to-do list there is - things are 'not done' or done.

Made by Joe

Team notes archive

Easily keep track of all your team notes in one doc and simplify sending email summaries by storing them in a table.

Made by Matt

The Time That Is Given To Us - Life & Time Reflection

Have you measured your life in weeks?

Made by Kenny

To-do list variety - etch-a-sketch

A to-do list for those who like to start every day fresh with a new list of items to complete

Made by Joe

Personalized To-do list

With so many ways to track your day, why settle with somebody else's system?

Made by Joe

Lane's simple to do list

I've tried dozens of to-do list apps and approaches over the years, here's the mix of them that works for me.

Made by Lane

☑️ To-Do List with Recurring Tasks and Email Reminders

A to-do list that supports recurring tasks and email reminders

Made by Preeyanka

📅 Skillshare Teacher's Earnings Tracker

A doc made just for teachers on Skillshare. Track your earnings, students, minutes watched, and more!

Made by Karin

✍️ Create Blog Topics for SEO by Sumo

Generate potential blog topics that have high SEO value using Nat Eliason's framework 😎

Made by Al

Summer Internship Survival Guide

The ultimate summer internships survival guide.

Made by Al

👕 KonMari Method Checklist

The KonMari method by Marie Kondo helps you eliminate clutter and tidy up your life. This doc helps your family prepare for the process and has a full checklist.

Made by Kenny

Lane's Simple Meeting Notes & Action Items

A simple doc for keeping meeting notes and action items in the same place.

Made by Lane

Little League Game Recaps

Automatically create little league game recaps based on player stats

Made by Justin

Professional Services Allocation Tracker

Track project allocation by person, and make sure everyone has enough bandwidth to deliver on the projects you're working on.

Made by Joe

🚲 Equipment Inventory Management

Real-time management of store inventory 🏬

Made by Ben