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Transform your New Year resolutions into a concrete plan

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Transform your New Year resolutions into a concrete plan

Here is an interactive yearly goal planner to convert your inspiring resolutions into a system of objectives, milestones and weekly action plan.

👋 Hi! This is my yearly goal planner.

In my experience, goals have given me a sense of purpose and a framework for establishing new behaviors and sustaining them over time. As a result, for the past few years I started to organize my year around themes and goals.
I always felt that my personal yearly resolutions didn't stick and that working just with weekly goals made me prioritize unimportant tasks. On the other hand, at work, I saw teams achieve phenomenal results following a set of quarterly objectives. This made me realize that for resolutions to work, we need a combination of long-term vision and short-term execution.
A concept of creating personal OKRs has also been popularized by the book Measure What Matters, more details of which can be found at .
This is my attempt to apply the same methodology to my personal goals.

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Interactive Goal Planner using Coda

Currently, there is no tool that allows you to manage personal goals by combining the macro yearly vision with the more short term monthly/weekly vision.
I have explored a variety of options to create this planner. For a long time, I enjoyed the physical feel of an offline planner from Ink + Volt, but since I spend nearly all of my time on a laptop, it did not adapt to my needs. I then went back and forth between Google sheets and Todoist for an online version. They worked well for tracking weekly tasks, but I couldn't easily roll them up with my yearly objectives or look at my progress over time.
With this document, anyone can define their yearly goals, quarterly milestones for accountability, and tie weekly tasks back to yearly themes. As a bonus, I also used Coda's powerful pack integrations to conveniently create focus blocks on Google Calendar directly from this doc.

How to use the planner

The planner is designed into 2 different sections:
your yearly plan
This is where you outline your resolutions and habits you want to establish
The tool helps you define objectives, set milestones and concrete behaviors that will help you nail that objective.
This is where accountability comes into the picture. In this section you can weekly track how much were you able to stick to your habits.
There are also pages setup to review your progress on a monthly and quarterly basis.

Hope this tool really helps you achieve those inspiring goals you have set for yourself. I will part with the following quote.

A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.

- Greg S. Reid

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