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The Google Tasks pack for Coda enables creating, updating, and deleting tasks with the `CreateTask`, `UpdateTask`, and `DeleteTask` Actions, as well as retrieving all tasks (optionally filtered) or a specific task with the `Tasks` and `Task` Formulas. You can also retrieve all task lists or a specific task list with the `Tasklists` or `Tasklist` Formulas. [Update 17/10/22: Pack has been verified by Google, so connecting new Google accounts should be straightforward!] The Tasks sync table pulls in tasks from Google Tasks into a Coda table. It uses the same parameters as the `Tasks` formula which enables filtering the results, and requires configuring which task list to pull from. You can add additional syncs to the table which pull from other task list(s), and the results from all syncs will be appended to the same table. The Tasklists sync table similarly pulls in task lists from Google Tasks into a Coda table, and provides a structured way to access task lists in other Formulas, Lookups, and Controls. Formulas and Actions that expect a task list to be specified accept either the identifier of that task list or its title (make sure the task list title is unique). You can follow the development for this pack over on this thread in the community forum:
Building Blocks
What you can use in this Pack
Sync the user's tasksTasks · Table
Syncs the user's task lists.Tasklists · Table
Creates a new task on the specified task list.CreateTask · Button
Updates the specified task.UpdateTask · Button
Deletes the specified task from the task list.DeleteTask · Button
Returns all task lists.Tasklists · Formula
Returns a specific task list.Tasklist · Formula
Returns all tasks in the specified task list.Tasks · Formula
Returns the specified task.Task · Formula