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The Notion User's Guide to Coda (updated!)

👋 Hi there! If you’ve followed along on the podcast or , you probably know I’m a pretty big fan of Coda.
A little over a year ago, I tested out Coda’s new Notion Importer, and even published a
sharing my Coda tips. But recently, Coda released a , including an updated Notion Importer! Coda uses a page-based information hierarchy system that should feel familiar to Notion users, with tools that support everything from basic note-taking to team project trackers and knowledge bases.

Build a complex app with Coda.

With Coda I’ve built simple docs, but I’ve also built some pretty complex tools thanks to the power of Coda Packs and Coda’s incredible tables. My favorite doc was one that pulled in a long list of bugs from GitHub and then used Coda formulas to prioritize and add qualitative value. It was a complex bug tracking app that I couldn’t imagine building without the power Coda provides. The number of complex docs I’ve built that rely on Coda tables run into the hundreds, but let’s keep moving.

Power up your doc with Packs.

Now take that amazing Coda table power and let’s go a step further. I mentioned Packs above. Coda has had Packs for a while, but it’s time you took a second look. Now anyone can make their own Pack through the and publish it to the Gallery for the community to use. Notable Packs from the community include HubSpot, Copper, Twitter, and Gumroad, among .

And enjoy steady stream of updates.

Finally, if you think Coda is missing a key feature, I wouldn’t expect it to take long before that feature shows up in Coda. The team ships at an incredible paceーby my count, they’ve had over 100 feature launches since 2021. You can see the latest updates at or subscribe to get notified when a new feature roles out. Or, you know — you can listen to since we never fail to mention all the Coda goodness there. 😜
With that ー let’s get you ported over to Coda!


What’s the Notion Importer?

Glad you asked! Read all about our new Importer in this tutorial: . The Notion Importer allows you to import an exported Notion workspace into Coda, all while retaining all of your custom formatting and functionality.

How do I import a Notion workspace into Coda?

Review this article from Coda’s to get started with using the Importer, including how to export a Notion workspace, import data into Coda, and make the most of Coda.

How is Coda different from Notion?

Coda has many similar features to Notion, plus the power and flexibility of smart tables with Coda’s rich formula language, packs, automations, and more. Coda is used by 25,000+ teams for tons of use cases, from project management to product roadmaps to no-code tools. Read more here: .

What if I’m not sure if I want to switch yet?

Whether you’re making the switch or have colleagues still operating in Notion, we recognize there are a number of reasons you may want you keep your Notion and Coda docs in sync.
We recommend leveraging the —made by community member Leandro Zubrezki—and his accompanying published doc to keep your docs updated.

How do I get started with Coda?

You can quickly start with a blank doc by typing in your browser (🎉 this is so magical), or you can look for inspiration, templates, and other great examples of how all the Coda building blocks come together in .

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