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All-in-one to-do list and Google Calendar

An all-in-one solution that merges your to-do list with your Google Calendar events. No more going to a separate to-do list and calendar.
Do you ever find yourself adding to-dos to your Google Calendar as events? These to-dos can be work or personal, and you schedule them on your calendar so that you remember to do them! Sometimes there can be a disconnect between your To-Do List and your Google Calendar. All your to-dos may not get added to your calendar, and your calendar events may not be to-dos.

What if there was a template to unite your to-do list and your Google Calendar?

If you swear by your Google Calendar to get things done, this template is for you. If any of your to-dos do not have an associated Google Calendar event, you can easily add them to your calendar from this template. This template requires you to use the .
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