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Guide to launching Coda with your team

This guide provides you with a robust template to launch Coda with your team that also doubles as a company hub post-launch.

Best practices for a successful launch.

Below are the key practices for onboarding your team or organization to Coda. This guide will introduce you to these points while this companion doc will provide you with resources and tools to guarantee a smooth launch.
What you'll get:
  • Best practices for launching
  • Companion doc to plan/launch:
    • Launch checklist
    • Timeline, process, resources
    • Coda hub for your company
    • Learning resources
    • Resource pages
What you'll use:

1. Define the problem.

When introducing Coda, it’s important to clearly articulate the particular issue or opportunity that Coda will tackle. Demonstrating how Coda improves productivity, increases efficiency, and/or addresses existing challenges helps emphasize the value and advantages of Coda, making its importance and potential impact more apparent to others. We commonly observe Coda introduced to a company or organization in one of two ways:
  1. Starting with a specific use case and expanding from there.
  2. Providing employees access to Coda so they can begin building on their own, essentially making it the Workspace Operating System for the company.
While the ultimate goal is to use Coda both for specific use cases and as an open operating system for all users, it’s best to pick one approach as you launch Coda for the first time.

2. Prepare for change.

Involving decision-makers, influencers, and enthusiasts from the start will help garner support, collect feedback, and spark enthusiasm for Coda. These individuals play a crucial role in championing the rollout: addressing concerns and facilitating a seamless transition for the entire team.

3. Encourage a set of norms to integrate Coda into your existing workflows.

Some of our favorites are as follows:
  • 📆 Put your doc link in calendar invites.
    • Include a direct link to the relevant Coda doc in your recurring calendar invites.
  • 🌐 Install the Coda Chrome extension.
    • The Chrome Extension makes it easy to search across all your docs—and you can also bookmark into tables as you browse the web.
  • 🧷 Add Coda docs to Slack channels.
    • Pin a doc link to a Slack or Microsoft Teams channel for easy access to team hubs or other relevant docs/playbooks.
  • 🔎 Utilize the doc list search.
    • Search across all docs you have access to across your entire workspace, all from your docs homepage.
  • ⭐ Bookmark pages within Coda doc.
    • Add a bookmark to the most frequently-used pages in a larger doc. These bookmarks are personalized by user and stay visible to you when pages are hidden.
  • 📁Add docs to team folders.

4. Communicate effectively.

By using multiple communication channels, teams can effectively share information and involve employees during a launch. Mixing asynchronous platforms like emails and Slack/Teams with synchronous methods like all-hands meetings and demos will help teammates stay well-informed and engaged.

5. Monitor and evaluate.

You can stay informed on how your content is being used by monitoring usage metrics through your admin dashboard, Admin API, or doc stats. This data offers insights into audience engagement, guiding decisions for future updates or enhancements. Monitoring usage goes beyond numbers; it's about understanding the impact of your work and how it resonates with your audience.

6. Celebrate successes.

Recognize and celebrate successful docs and use cases within the company. This helps sustain enthusiasm and encourages further adoption.

7. Onboard new employees to Coda.

Embed Coda in your onboarding experience to encourage adoption from day one. Better yet, create your new employee onboarding path as a Coda template! Check out some options below.
  • Option 1: Template for individual docs
    • Use this doc as a template to create an individual doc for each new employee as their onboarding hub.
    • Onboarding Guide Template
  • Option 2: Shared doc

8. Guide to launching Coda with your team.

The resource below was built for Enterprise plans; some content may not apply for non-Enterprise customers.
We've created a separate Coda doc to help you launch Coda with teams at your company in a way that encourages adoption and ensures a smooth deployment. Think of this doc as your home base; you’ll use it as a hub to track every step of this process. Once you’re ready to launch Coda, you’ll hide some of the setup pages, and the doc will become the company hub for your team.

Introduction to the doc from our Customer Success Team

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