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Boost admin capabilities with our API

The Coda Admin API allows Enterprise org admins to sync data and admin controls into a Coda doc via Packs letting you view data or build a full, custom admin app.

This feature is only available to Enterprise plans.

A walkthrough with our Customer Success Team

What you'll get:
  • Introduction to the Admin API
    • What, why, when, and how
  • Example template to get started
What you'll use:

1. How to access the Admin API.

The Coda Admin API is available to Coda admins to access user data, and Coda workspace and organization controls. It is intended to work in tandem with the in-product controls you are already familiar with. To access the API, we recommend using the Coda-built Coda Admin Pack, which acts as a UI layer to the API. The Pack can be used to simply view data, or to build yourself a full, custom admin app with automations, notifications, etc.

2. When to use in-product controls versus Admin API.

The in-product control panel and the Coda Admin API are fantastic ways to view and action data. Depending on the complexity of your task, you may opt for one over the other.

In-product control panel

The in-app workspace settings and organization settings control panel are the most convenient places to view org info and user info, adjust security settings, and configure settings.

Use the in-product controls to...

  • Manage members and see usage analytics for workspace members.
  • See and transfer docs owned by deactivated users.
  • See and manage AI usage.

Coda Admin API

For building custom use cases, we recommend using the Coda API via the Coda Admin Pack. The Pack acts like a UI layer to the Admin API and gives admins real-time information on users, docs, folders, Packs, and activity in their organization. If you want to connect to the API directly check out the Admin API documentation for details on the correct endpoints (and more).

Use the Admin API to:

  • Export information on users, docs, Packs, and folders for detailed analysis.
  • View all the docs that have Packs in them.
  • Export audit logs (you can see this in-product but need to use the Pack to export).
  • See all folders in the org.

3. Coda Admin Pack Examples.

We've provided a template to help you visualize and get started using the Coda Admin API Pack. In the template, we showcase three examples of how to use the Coda Admin Pack; each is a step up in complexity.

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