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Personal Sales Tracker

Track your deals as fluidly as our prospects engage with us

Let's track our deals as fluidly as our prospects engage with us

Customer Relationship Management solutions are some of the heaviest out there. And for good reason - knowing your financial forecast and customer journey are critical for success in sales. But the bottom line is reps in the field don't have time to menu dive into these huge products. They're out closing business. This doc lets you manage your customer list in the simplest way possible, without sacrificing the data that's most important to the forecast.

How It's Organized

Our favorite autonomous stroller team's sales manager is helping their reps get their forecast in order by quarter with this simple templated doc. Here they can track both deal updates and key meetings - all in one place.

Author Notes

As a sales rep, I always struggled with keeping my forecast updated in all the places my manager and our operations teams worked. I became endlessly frustrated with the constant status requests amidst my attempts to close actual deals with prospects. My previous solution was a spreadsheet, but that quickly became challenging when I added people to my team. This doc changes the game and gives us a quick understanding of where we are, and what to focus on.
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