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A doc for tracking launches—whether you're launching a small feature update or a big, complex product.
This takes a team from a minimal idea ー sketching out product requirements on a whiteboard, brainstorming ー all the way to completion, with sections for each sub-team, and an executive status update complete with Gantt chart.
If your product team previously lived in GDocs, GSheets, Kanban boards, and more, all to track a single project, then this is the template for you!


1️⃣ Write the vision for your product in the section
2️⃣ Fill in details about your teams and add to the base tasks table in the section (define your teams below!)
3️⃣ Teams write their vision, view their tasks, and log meeting notes in their respective sections
4️⃣ See an overview of your project on and have a pre-populated e-mail template to send updates on the section

Project Teams

Link to Specs
Mapping 🗺
Design smart software to maneuver Strollr around its environment safely and seamlessly
Industrial 🛠
Build an elegant, simple body for Strollr
Sensors 🚨
Create cutting-edge sensor technology to enable our stroller to safely maneuver our customers comfortably
Packaging 📦
Own design and creation of physical packaging and all copy on packaging and in user manuals
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