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The ultimate OKR toolkit for product marketers by Product Marketing Alliance

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The ultimate OKR toolkit for product marketers

Now you're familiar with all the OKRs available to you, here's your companion toolkit to help implement all - or at the very least some - of them.

Rolling out your OKRs

In our eBook dedicated to shedding light on the importance of objectives and key results (OKRs) and which types of OKRs make sense for product marketers to measure, we outlined 15 potential metric avenues you could do down, across four key areas:

As an extension of that eBook, and to make it more actionable, we've teamed up with Coda to hand deliver a way of actually tracking those results.
P.s. For even more on OKRs, check out this doc by John Doerr where he discusses key concepts from his book .

How it works...

1️⃣ Take a look at each of the four pillars below and check off the OKRs you'd like to track.
2️⃣ As you check off some OKRs, sample OKRs will show up in the table a little further down on the page.
3️⃣ Navigate to each pillar page (, , , ) to learn more about the specific OKRs in that pillar.

4 OKR Pillars

#1 Go-to-Market strategy
#2 Sales enablement
#3 Lead/demand-gen support
#4 Product Adoption
Reason for winning
Leads influenced by PMM content
Your selected OKRs
Key Result
Win rates
Increase win rate to 25% this time period
Conversion rate in target segment
Improv conversion rate from landing page to 25%
Sales confidence
Increase rating for sales assets rating to a 7.0
Brand awareness
75% of survey respondents say they had a positive last experience with our product
Feature adoption
Increase feature adoption of templates to once per week
No results from filter

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