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Personal CRM

A simple Coda doc to track interactions with important people in my life.

Relationships are important

It’s hard for me to remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday, let alone a conversation I had with a friend 6 months ago!
I use this personal CRM ("close relationship management") doc to keep track of important conversations and interactions. I'm obviously not able to record every interaction I have with people, but I try to build a habit of keeping track of important people in my life. I find that even jotting down a few bullet points about how much fun I had talking to a friend over the phone goes a long way in being a better friend.
Relationships are like anything else in life - the more you invest in them, the stronger and more rewarding they become.

Ready to get started?

Copy this doc and customize it for yourself. Start by listing all the important in your life. Then, every so often record important and conversations. If you have from that interaction, just check the box. Finally, proactively reach out to people you haven’t spoken to .

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