Track your tasks in one place.

Decision tracker
Decision tracker
Broadcast your decisions.
Bug Tracker | AI
Bug Tracker | AI
Auto-assign priorities to your bugs via AI and more!
Decision Log
Keep track of your team's key decisions in one place.
Assignment Tracker
This doc contains everything you need to keep track of your homework and assignments!
Lane's To-Do List
Applying learnings to build your own to-do list.

Docs in Task trackers

Gokul's S.P.A.D.E. Toolkit
A technique for making difficult decisions—formed in my time as a Google and Facebook exec, and widely deployed at Square.
How to build tasks dependencies with durations in Google Sheets, ClickUp, Monday, Wrike, SmartSheet, Notion, and Coda
This tutorial shows how Google Sheets, ClickUp,, Wrike, Smartsheet, Notion, and Coda handle task dependencies for a project.
Two-way writeups: Coda’s secret to shipping fast
Three simple tips to drive results from written documents.
Google's LaunchCal
Copy one of Google's most renowned internal tools for our own product launches.
Repeating Dates Calculator
Make sure repeated events land on the correct weekday
Why your company needs rituals: A Masters of Scale companion doc
Templates and insights from on the 8/18/20 episode of Masters of Scale.
Project plan
Track project notes and tasks in one place
Gantt Project Plan
Schedule tasks on a timeline and track other project parts like notes, meetings, and retrospectives.
Lyft’s 3P’s ritual: How 5k employees tune in to what’s actually important
An internal newsfeed system designed to surface relevant updates and streamline meetings.
Simple Project + Task Tracker
An easy template to track projects and assign tasks (including people, status, and due dates).
Iterative project management: What is it & when to use it?
Foster collaboration and rapid prototyping with this flexible style of project management.
The Notion User's Guide to Coda (2022 Edition)
Kanban Board for Projects
Track your projects and tasks on a simple kanban board.
Epics and issues
Epics and issues
Create a hierarchy of tasks for your team.
Manage a Project
Start your project right
Project Roadmap Guide [+ Resource Utilization Template]
A project roadmap with resource utilization shows a high-level overview of a project's deliverables as well as the resources required to complete the project.
Team Retrospective
Run a Team Retrospective to improve your processes
Shishir's Guide to Distributed Teams
Blossom UXR repository
A lightning-fast research repository built in Coda, powered by Blossom.
Tally + Coda
Send form responses from Tally to Coda
Adaptive project framework (APF) explained
Learn everything you need to know about adaptive project framework — a systematic approach to help managers better respond to changes in projects.
Assignment Tracker
This doc contains everything you need to keep track of your homework and assignments!
In search of a better planning process: How Coda's core rituals evolved
The Best Planning Process doesn't exist. But the best planning process for your team does—if you're willing to make trade-offs. Here's a look at how Coda balanced bottoms-up reflection, top-down strategy, and bottoms-up planning.
How to develop a great project team? Roles, responsibilities, & templates
If you’re unsure how to create a great project team, this doc is for you.
Small Business CRM and Project Tracker
Task Tracking with Dependencies
Are you managing or tracking tasks that are dependent on each other? This doc helps you map out tasks in a Gantt chart, including downstream effects of changes in dependent tasks.
RICE Prioritization
Aligning workstreams and using a framework so that the best opportunities float to the top
Decision tracker
Decision tracker
Broadcast your decisions.
User Story Mapping Guide for Agile & Scrum [+Template]
Sentence starters
Sentence starters
Kickstart any discussion with a customizable set of prompts.