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Post-Secondary curriculum and course builder

Everything you need to plan and design the implementation of your next curriculum.

🍎 Background

When I began building this doc, it took me hours ⏳ to come up with the first step. Should I begin with a
@Learning Objectives
section? Jump straight into iterating
s? Or do I go a completely different route and center logistics first?
After some preliminary googling, I found a from . No surprise: it was the jumping off point I needed. This quote from that resource accurately names what the course design process ought to look like:
Many of the decisions affecting the success of a course take place well before the first day of class. Careful planning at the course design stage not only makes teaching easier and more enjoyable, it also facilitates student learning.
Ultimately, I decided to make this doc as flexible as possible, so you can jump in where they felt most comfortable.

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📕Note on terminology:
Note on terminology: there is much debate over terms like learning objective, standard, indicator, and outcomes. For the purposes of this doc, I have created a glossary with how I am using these terms. You can find that here: . If you disagree with how I am using any of the terms, please let me know (rocky@coda.io) and feel free to update your glossary!
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