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This doc contains everything you need to keep track of your homework and assignments!
Diana Lim

✍️ Introduction!

Hi there! I’m Diana Lim, a current freshman at the University of Pennsylvania planning on majoring in computer science and minoring in engineering entrepreneurship/fine arts. I took a gap year before starting college so getting back into the swing of school took a bit of adjusting. This doc contains what I used for keeping track of my assignments to ensure I was meeting deadlines and managing my workload.
If you have questions, comments, or concerns about this doc, feel free to contact me!
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📋 What’s In this Doc

: Easily visualize what stage your assignments are (not started, in progress, completed) and add any new assignments!
: Track all of your homework assignments + details in these table! Sort them by category, priority, difficulty, due date, etc. You can also add new assignments!
: This page stores the table with all of your assignments, not started, in progress and completed. It's for your reference but you may find the Dashboard and Assignment List pages more helpful!

🤔 Why Read this Doc?

If you’ve been struggling to track all of your assignments, this doc is for you. Remember your due dates, visualize your progress, and stay on top of assignments in all different categories. Even if you already feel like you have an effective system for assignment tracking, this doc may provide some inspiration for further optimization!

➡️ Let’s Get Started

1) Make a copy of this doc for yourself so you can personalize it and save all your changes! Click that bright orange button!👇
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2) Customize your categories! To make this doc as helpful as possible, let’s also customize it to your workload. Categories may be different classes, clubs, internships, or jobs that you have. Add, edit and delete different categories below so you can easily sort and label your assignments.
New Category
Categories of Work
Work for math class
Work for English class
Computer Science
Work for Economics class
Work for consulting club
Work for professional development/passion projects
There are no rows in this table

Now, you’ve customized this Assignment tracker to your specific categories of assignments, deadlines and needs!

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