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Project Management with Automated Slack and Email Messages

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Project Management with Automated Slack and Email Messages

Send automated Slack messages to your team when different aspects of your project have changed. A weekly summary of tasks is automatically sent via Slack.


If you are working on a project with many team members, it helps to stay up to date on the progress of project tasks via automated Slack messages and weekly e-mail reminders.
With the Slack Pack and Automations, this doc lets you automatically send Slack messages to the Slack channel of your choice when a project task is updated. Now your entire team can stay up to date on how the project is progressing the moment when a status is updated.
With the Gmail Pack and Automations, your team can get a weekly e-mail (see ) that gets sent at a specific day and time with all the tasks your team is working on. This is a great way to give your team and company a summary of the project and its various components.

Keeping everyone involved with the project updated

Instead of manually sending Slack messages to your team when a task status has changed, or manually creating a list of tasks that the team needs to focus on at the beginning of the week, use a simple Automation in Coda to do the mundane work. If your whole team is using Slack, this project management doc is an easy way to keep everyone up to date on the status of different tasks and projects.


1️⃣ Make sure all the rules in the Automations panel are turned on (click the Settings icon (
settings icon.png
) in the top right of the toolbar and click "Automations").
2️⃣ Enter you project tasks in and team members in
3️⃣ Set the Slack channel to send status updates to in .

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