Docs in Personal

How to Find the Perfect CS:GO Mouse Sensitivity
Click mo' betta
Hoffman fanmade coffee calculator
Quickly calculate brew ratios for delicious coffee based on James Hoffmann's recipes
Eigenquestions: The Art of Framing Problems
Dreamline Calculator by Tim Ferriss
This step-by-step calculator helps you define your dreams and achieve your ideal lifestyle.
Public Neurodiversity Support Center
Don't worry, we're here to help!
GTD®: 6 Horizons of Focus by David Allen
"Work" can be viewed at different altitudes or horizons of focus. Use 6 Horizons of Focus to frame your conversations, questions, and tasks to define your work.
Jessica Powell's Guide to Great 1:1s
Analyze your time with Google Calendar
This is a template to illustrate how a Coda doc can become a powerful way to understand how you spend your time.
66 Day Challenge Habit Tracker by Robin Sharma
This template allows you to track your daily activities so that you can hit the 66-day mark to turn your activity into a habit.
The Notion User's Guide to Coda (2022 Edition)
How to make better decisions: Practical exercises from professional poker
A companion toolkit for my book "How to Decide: Simple Tools for Making Better Choices."
Music Player & Library
Shishir's To-Do List Philosophy
Interview Tracker
Interviewing can feel like a full-time job. Make the process of prioritizing and tracking your interviews easier, less stressful, and less time-consuming by using this customizable interview tracker.
Interactive Marathon Training Plan
Thanks for checking out my marathon training plan!
Pace Calculator: Calculate Run Performance
Running pace calculator for your mobile phone to calculate your finish times for marathons, 10Ks, and more. Easily calculate your pace and convert between miles and kilometers.
Fear-Setting by Tim Ferriss
Define your fears instead of your goals to overcome inaction.
Time tracker
Start and stop the clock throughout the day for each category of activity you spend time on, and set up customizable notifications
Build a Personal Dashboard with Plus
Use Plus to pull together data from your most important apps and websites
Random Team Generator
This random team generator is a practical online tool that takes a list of names and randomly assigns people to teams. Add or remove teams and teams automatically rebalance.
GTD® by David Allen
The GTD (Getting Things Done) system was created by productivity consultant David Allen. This template gives you the ability to apply the GTD system to your own life.
All-in-one to-do list and Google Calendar
An all-in-one solution that merges your to-do list with your Google Calendar events. No more going to a separate to-do list and calendar.
Career Vision Planner for PM's
A simple template to help Product Managers build a successful career plan.
Podcast Planner
Relatively Productive Podcast Planner
How to Build a DIY Kids Sandbox [+ Pictures]
The joy of building a simple sandbox.
Des Traynor's 4-Step Prioritised Productivity Guide
The Intercom co-founder's guide to stop letting everyone else control _your_ time.
Assignment Tracker
This doc contains everything you need to keep track of your homework and assignments!
Human Relationship Management (HRM): track your relationships to build for the long term
The Inbox-Zero Challenge: How long can you keep up your streak?
My guide to achieving and maintaining Inbox Zero.
Track and analyze your expenses
View and add expenses, review your spending habits and customize categories.