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Project Management

Team trackers and project hubs for your launches big and small.

💎 Uber's Project Carbon Tracker

The story of Yuhki and Yixin creating the tracker to end all trackers.

Made by Yuhki and Yixin

📖 Meetings & Notes

Track your meetings and generate notes faster than ever before!

Made by Evan

Project Brief

A project brief to keep every phase—from strategy to execution—in one doc

Made by Jeremy

Attendance tracker

Track regular attendance for a roster of people

Made by Nathan

Cross Functional Project Tracker

Allows anyone to spin up projects with specific goals, and assign people by role, ensuring they are not oversubscribed across multiple projects

Made by Mallika

Kanban project

Like Trello, but better

Made by Jeremy

Meeting Timer

Keep your meetings running on time!

Made by Evan

Mini Product Launch Hub

A doc for tracking launches - built for smaller teams and projects.

Made by Joe

Simple 1:1s

makes it easier to track conversations with your manager, so you're keeping them up-to-speed on your latest accomplishments and challenges

Made by Maria

Simple Status Updates

Get historical data on the progress of your work, and keep your team accountable!

Made by Evan

Team notes archive

Easily keep track of all your team notes in one doc and simplify sending email summaries by storing them in a table.

Made by Matt

🚀 Product Launch Hub

A doc for tracking launches—whether you're launching a small feature update or a big, complex product.

Made by Evan

🧀 Cheddar's Clip Articles Doc

Manage your editorial team workflow, bringing writers and editors together in one doc. Now with automated and customizable notifications!

Made by Jen and Peyton

🎹 Spotify's Squad Goals Doc

Your company goals and your feature work - together at last.

Made by Tracy

OKRs with Epics

Match high-level company goals with the development roadmap.

Made by John

💻 IT Architect Starter Kit

A starter kit for IT and System Architects to manage your projects.

Made by Maria

Send an email from Coda ✉️

Send an email directly from a doc with a push of a button. Great for summary emails, mail merges, or quick updates.

Made by Justin

🏠 Real Estate Property Management

Real estate property management tool for property managers. Easily create income/expense statements for owners and landlords.

Made by Al

Building an Org Chart

Track how your team and company is organized.

Made by Jaime

All-Hands Meeting Q&A Tracker (aka "Dory")

It's called Dory because she asks lots of questions.

Made by Joe

🎯 Simple OKR Tracker

Define key results, track progress on each result, and map team members to each initiative and result

Made by Molly

🖍 Editor Starter Kit

A starter kit for editing, copywriting, and content teams to produce content for a variety of mediums.

Made by Maria

Professional Services Allocation Tracker

Track project allocation by person, and make sure everyone has enough bandwidth to deliver on the projects you're working on.

Made by Joe

🛠 Project Manager Starter Kit

A starter kit for project managers to track milestones, get stakeholders aligned, and drive retrospectives.

Made by Maria

🚌 Product Roadmap

For Product Teams to plan new features and stay on course in building an amazing product

Made by John

🚲 Equipment Inventory Management

Real-time management of store inventory 🏬

Made by Ben

📆 Weekly Review Meeting Manager

Run meetings with less work: delegate meeting management to Coda.

Made by Preeyanka

📌 To-Do List (Adaptation of Shishir's template)

A to-do list that let's you link your tasks with external docs to remove all your pesky Chrome tabs 💥

Made by Brandon

✅ Task Tracking with Dependencies

Are you managing or tracking tasks that are dependent on each other? This doc tracks allows you to map out tasks in a Gantt chart, including downstream effects of changes in dependent tasks ✅➡️☑️.

Made by Justin