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App Redesign Project Doc

How we redesigned and relaunched the Uber driver app
Yixin Zhu

Getting Started

This doc revolves on three major concepts ー Teams (the groups of people building features), Milestones (the major gates to full launch), and Features (the individual work items). These concepts are linked together so you can quickly see how features are progressing against each milestone both at a team and a milestone level. You'll also find a Funding Tracker, which can be used to quickly surface any features which are in danger of slipping given lack of resources to deliver it.
The primary activities we're tracking are , , and
is where you can see all the features that require additional resources
⬇️ Below is the top-down view of how close to Code Complete we are for a milestone.

Milestone Progress:
Alpha 🅰️

We are
Code Complete

Want to learn more about our process? Check out this video!
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