Coda + Miro | Starter Kit
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Coda + Miro
A perfect pairing of digital canvases.
are cut from the same cloth.

Coda is an all-in-one doc, combining the flexibility of traditional documents and spreadsheets, with the design and power expected of modern apps. It’s a place where you can
ー from your meetings and tasks, to critical business processes that keep your company on track. It’s a single source of truth for your team (to see what we mean, head to
to create a free account 🤗).

Miro ー an online collaborative whiteboard ー is a flexible
, from digital post-it exercises, to diagrams, to brainstorms. Coda and Miro are both collaborative, and both bring teams together. So we thought - what could a team accomplish if they could finally bring their visual work and their tracking and documentation together? The answer feels a lot like magic.

With Coda’s new support of
, we’ve bridged the divide. Simply type
anywhere in Coda, and you can quickly access your existing boards (or create a new one), and embed it. This new integration allows you to:
Embed public or private Miro boards anywhere inside a Coda doc and watch it unfurl alongside your plans, specs, and to-dos.
Make live updates to embedded Miro boards ー so you can take action on your team brainstorm, capture the notes, and schedule the project work without switching tools or tabs.

Looking for a way to get started? Below are a few simple templates you can copy into your account:

Project Brief
Create a 1-page project overview to keep your team in-sync. Fill out each heading, and embed a Miro board that includes key user flows or stories to guide the planning process.
Remote Meetings
Create an inclusive and engaging virtual meeting! Expand the agenda to find a few tools to help your team feel connected - including a sentiment tracker and and a Miro icebreaker.
Making Decisions
Guide your team in virtual forum. Use this example to keep track of important context and alignment to key decisions - including any visuals supporting the final outcome.
Use Coda to better structure your ideas and streamline feedback. In this example, you can vote with your team on topics to brainstorm, and build your digital post-it board to ideate.