Docs in Project overviews

Figma's approach to modern PRDs
A brief intro to our Product Requirements Doc template
Betterment's Launch Marketing Template
A doc that centralizes all aspects of a project from Betterment. From kickoff to marketing; this template is a growing repository of info about your project.
Uber's App Redesign Project Doc
How we redesigned and relaunched the Uber driver app
Kanban Board for Projects
Track your projects and tasks on a simple kanban board.
Product Launch Template: The 8 proven tools to execute a flawless product launch
Copy this template certified by Product School to plan and execute successful product launches.
Project Brief with Jira
The Project Brief is designed to include an entire Product Story in a single doc.
Jira + Project Brief
Bring your Jira issues and project requirements together, all within a single doc.
Giving Notion Coda's superpowers
Integrate Notion databases with Coda to take advantage of Coda automations, charts, buttons and the Packs ecosystem.
What is PERT and how to use it in project management?
A project management methodology to help you make sense of large projects.
User Flow Template: How to sketch, storyboard, and validate a user experience
Copy this user flow template certified by Product School to get quick stakeholder feedback on user flows.
Merge Table Pack
Merge Table Pack
Merge and sync tables from multiple docs into a combined view.
Effective project execution plan (PEP) template
A free project execution plan template to track everything from the high-level project status down to individual tasks and activities.
Linear Pack: Start Here
Analyze your team's performance, project lifecycles, issues and more with the Linear Pack. Use this guide to get started.
Flexible initiative tracker template
A template to keep your team moving in the right direction.
One AI Demo
Supercharge Your Docs and Workflows with Powerful Language AI
Google Maps Embed Pack Playground
Easily embed maps from Google Maps in your Coda docs.
The Self-Writing Doc: How to build reports that write themselves
Automatically turn data into dynamic reports and docs that look like a human wrote them.
QuickBooks Pack: Start Here
Manage your QuickBooks Online companies from your Coda docs.
Project Managment
Project Managment
View all projects currently underway!
Mixpanel Pack: Start Here
The Mixpanel Pack is here to give your product team the context they need to make decisions from Coda.
Project overview
Toggl Track Pack: Start Here
Use the Toggl Track Pack to start and stop your timer, manage your clients and projects and build amazing reports with the power of Coda.
All Required RDs
Check all types of documents required for your business and from different teams
Engineering documentations
Project Closeout Template
Wrap up your project with a project closeout template that shows stakeholders what you planned to achieve and what you actually achieved.
Bubble Pack: Start Here
Sync your Bubble data with Coda, create, delete and update entries. Run workflows as actions from your docs.
To The Summer Of Code (And Many After) - My GSoC Story with in-toto
To The Summer Of Code (And Many After) - My GSoC Story with in-toto
Product Specs
Ready to use templates for your PRD and Product Briefs
Welcome to my Crypto Sheet!
The Podcast Planning Toolkit
A team hub for podcast creators.