How TwoLink saved $24k/yr and cut their tool stack with Coda.

Max Pauwels, Co-founder and CEO of, shares his experience with Coda.

Max Pauwels

Co-founder and CEO of

How TwoLink saved $24k/yr and cut their tool stack with Coda.

By Max Pauwels

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About TwoLink
  • Recruitment software
  • Used by such companies as Peloton, Medium, and Airtable
  • Based in Los Angeles
How TwoLink uses Coda
  • Discount program hub
  • Application tracker
  • Project manager
  • Meeting notes repository
I think Coda is literally one of the best products that’s been created in the last 10 years. I cannot compare it to anything and don’t know what I would do without it. Why jump from tool to tool when I can just build a solution that fits our needs in Coda?
Max Pauwels
Co-founder and CEO of

The results

The problem

TwoLink needed to manage their internal processes without stacking up tools. When they first began, TwoLink tried several tools for product develop, hiring, etc. They found the collaboration features of Google Sheets, Excel, Asana, Jira, and Lever to be limited, and the interfaces weren't friendly. Pauwels wanted a more intuitive tool with real-time collaboration chops.
I found Asana to be too simple for technical product development as I couldn’t easily assign tasks with bulk actions. On the other hand, Jira is made for technical product development but is unfortunately overly complex and has a frustrating user experience.
Max Pauwels
Co-founder and CEO of

The solution

TwoLink replaced every tool they had been using for internal operations with Coda docs. Coda stood out among other tools because of its user-friendliness and the simplicity of its formula language. With Coda, TwoLink is launching and expanding faster, making all of its growth plans possible. Launches that once would take weeks now take mere hours or days.

With Coda, TwoLink executes faster as a team and eliminated extra tools.

It’s hard to imagine what we’d be doing without Coda. Creating all of our operational systems as docs has allowed us to work within a single tool at all times, cut down our stack of software subscriptions, save time onboarding new hires to just one tool, and eliminate the risk of tool-switching mistakes.
Max Pauwels
Co-founder and CEO of

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