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How PixMob boosted efficiency by 30% with Coda.

Sophie Blondeau, Executive Producer at PixMob, shares her experience with Coda.
PixMob needed a project management solution that unlocked collaboration within their busy teams.
“We’re on the road a lot creating enhanced experiences for huge, sensitive events like and . We needed a platform that was flexible, not too cumbersome, and had top-notch security.
We’d been evaluating traditional project management tools like Microsoft Project and but they were all too heavy for what we needed. We would spend more time setting up and managing the tool than actually executing and delivering on our plans.
The goal was to deliver on our plans quickly and easily from a single source of truth, instead of having everything scattered across Excel spreadsheets.”
“There wasn’t clear ownership, or anything that connected our multiple sources of truth together. We needed to put a process in place, and I turned to Coda to do it.”
Sophie Blondeau, Executive Producer at PixMob

🧩 Integrations (particularly Salesforce)
🔒 Security
👐 Flexibility
📱 Mobile viewing
Also considered
Microsoft Project
Salesforce third-party apps
With Coda, PixMob pulls critical project information into one place, so teams can move quickly and deliver on time.
“We went with Coda because of the amazing building blocks that were the base of the product and the suite of real-time integrations. That was critical for us. It’s also cloud-based and secure, which makes more sense for a smaller team, like ours.
Using Coda’s Salesforce Pack, we pull all of our client information into our project plans and update records right from the doc. We now have close to 80 docs using the Pack, so the right information is readily available to teams across the company.

Now, we can track projects meticulously, but in a way that works for us. Our team doesn’t have the time to use complicated planning tools, so with Coda we can build solutions to the exact level of fidelity we need.”
Coda docs at work for PixMob:
Initiative and task tracker
Budget planner

Project planner + Salesforce pack
🔼 Efficiency: Increased 30%
“The most life-changing aspect of switching to Coda was the visibility and collaboration. Being able to look at any doc and find exactly what we need saves us crucial time as a small team.”
⏳ 20% time savings
“We spend 20% less time fielding everyday questions.”
“Community-based support like the Doctorate training program was such a beneficial way for my team to learn Coda’s building blocks. Now when we need help, we don’t need to log a case. We can find the answer quickly within Coda’s resources.”
Sophie Blondeau, Executive Producer at PixMob
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