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How NEOS Design saves 500 hours a year running on Coda.

Martín Vilches, Founder & CEO at NEOS Design, shares his experience working with Coda.

NEOS needed to streamline complex operations and save on their tech stack.

“We manage an intricate system of importing products, tracking inventory, and organizing a large number of tasks. We desperately needed a solution that could smooth out our workflows as the company grew.
At the same time, we had to cut costs on tooling. The solutions we’d been using for a while, like Asana, were great for one specific task, but then the team had a separate tool for every use case, or just managed work in scattered Google Sheets. I needed to find something to run my business more efficiently.“

“I didn’t want to adapt to a tool. I wanted a tool I could adapt to my company.”

Martín Vilches, Founder and CEO at NEOS Design


🛠️ Customizable and scalable

🤝 Collaborative

🧠 Single source of truth for all projects

Also considered

Asana, ClickUp,, Google Workspace
“The tools we’d been using for a while, like Asana, were great for one specific task we needed to do to run the business, but we had too many scattered tools and information.”


Create custom workflows in Coda that would be impossible with an off-the-shelf tool.

“We’ve integrated nearly everything into Coda. We can go to a client and see the whole picture of their business and history with us. Now we can service tickets, organize logistics, and measure impact with precision.“


Coda docs at work for NEOS:

image (55).png


image (56).png


image (61).png

Status dashboards



“In Coda, we found a tool that lets us integrate our whole process, significantly reducing tedious, repetitive tasks and maximizing my team’s operational efficiency. We save time by not having to go between multiple tools and duplicate information across our team’s workflows.”

Time saved:

🕐 ~8-10 hrs/wk, 500 hrs/yr

Software subscriptions cancelled:

💰 6

“Today, Coda helps us measure ourselves and keep track of what we’ve been doing. Because it’s been so successful for our team, we’re planning on using it to create a customer-facing portal so they can see everything in real-time as well.”

Martín Vilches, Founder and CEO at NEOS Design


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