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How Pinterest saves tens of thousands of dollars per quarter with Coda.

Naveen Gavini, SVP of Products at Pinterest, shares his experience tracking goals and aligning teams with Coda.
Pinterest needed an OKR system that could handle their exponential growth.
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“Going from 15 to 2,000+ employees is exhilarating and validating, but it’s also challenging. Scaling Pinterest came with more initiatives to track and more trajectories to manage, and our legacy OKR framework simply couldn’t keep up.”
Naveen Gavini, SVP of Products at Pinterest

“In order to sustain our success, employees needed a more intuitive tool for seeing their own goals, team leads needed transparency into progress, and leadership wanted everything they needed to understand the health of the business to live in one place.”

OKR system mandatories
⛰️ Stability
👁️ Transparency
🏃 Efficiency
📈 Scalability

Previous enterprise solution
"We were scaling fast, and the fragile OKR setup we previously had began to buckle. Having an all-in-one solution, compared to siloed info, ensures teams can better understand action OKRs and work transparently across the business.”

Coda powers a collaborative OKR methodology that’s not afraid to scale.
“In partnership with our Coda success team, we co-created a pyramid OKR tracker to house all OKRs in one place. Executives, pillar leads, team leads, and individuals have their own views into the same goals, they can track monthly status updates, and they can use integrations and automations to keep things running smoothly.
Through asking ourselves how we wanted to design our rituals—like how to update teams on progress and what cadence we were reviewing—we got to design the right tool for us, rather than adapting to someone else’s.”
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Hypothetical OKR example from Pinterest’s published template
Coda docs at work for Pinterest:
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Project & task management
Team alignment
Money saved
💸 Tens of thousands/quarter

Time saved
🕐 500 hours/quarter
“Faster updates and less admin overhead (particularly for team leads) means we’re saving tens of thousands of dollars each quarter. That’s a huge win for us, and it’s largely due to the elimination of friction in our workflow. Now, we can easily pull key insights from multiple docs, and make informed decisions without losing momentum.
After the success we’ve seen in our engineering, product, and design teams, this new way of scaling OKRs has spread to other orgs like marketing, people, and sales, unifying Pinterest under one OKR framework.”
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