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How Tempo tripled productivity with Coda.

Ilyssa Russ, Learning and Development Manager at Tempo, shares her experience with Coda.
Tempo needed a self-guided employee onboarding experience that set new hires up for success.
“When I started at Tempo, we didn’t have a proper onboarding process in place. We hired people, gave them their computer, and shared some documentation with them on Confluence that was maybe updated, maybe not. We’d give new hires access to tools ad-hoc, without categorizing suites of tools that various teams would need.
“There wasn’t clear ownership, so as people left the company, the informational resources they had created became stale. We needed to put a process in place, and I turned to Coda to do it.”
Ilyssa Russ, Learning and Development Manager at Tempo
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Google Docs
With Coda, Tempo created a scalable onboarding solution that was adopted company-wide.
“I built a doc in Coda that brought together everything a new hire would need to know when onboarding to our engineering team. We integrated buttons and automations to notify hiring managers when tasks are updated and completed, so that visibility is just built in. Coda helped us literally build an onboarding process from scratch.
Since it’s easy to filter, view, and duplicate content, this became the onboarding template that’s now used by every team in the company. It’s been endlessly adapted to fit every team, and personalize their workflows. And we only had to build it once.
Historically, if we needed to do something like this, we’d build an entire internal website. Now, Coda has become our company intranet. We’ve ritualized docs for running meetings, doing Kanban-style project tracking for our blog, and even housing our company values.” We did the same for our learning and development resources—centralized it all into a repository for everyone at Tempo to get everything they need. That’s what’s great about Coda.”
Coda docs at work for Tempo:
Onboarding manager
Project task tracker
Learning hub

Inclusive meetings template
🔼 Productivity: Increased 3x
“Coda has freed up our time and tripled our productivity. The time we were spending manually writing and sending out action items or going back-and-forth on if a task had been completed can now be better used.”
📈 Adoption: 95%+ of company uses Coda

“Attempting to accomplish this in another tool like Confluence or Google Docs would be clunky and difficult. Not only is Coda saving us so much time, but we're making much more robust, beautiful, and collaborative documents.”
Ilyssa Russ, Learning and Development Manager at Tempo
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