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How Outsource.Digital saved $20K by replacing Jira and other tools with Coda

Andy Beveridge, CEO of Outsource.Digital, shares his experience with Coda.
Outsource.Digital had a tech stack that wasn’t helping their remote team connect. They needed a single tool that could run projects and keep everyone moving together.
“I work remotely from Australia and much of the team is based in the Philippines. With the pandemic, we were stuck in entirely different countries for nearly two years. I needed to find a collaboration tool that would save me time trying to manage projects and communicate synchronously.”
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“It was frustrating to not be able to build what the team needed. So, instead of spending forever fitting Jira to our process, I built exactly what I wanted in Coda.”
Andy Beveridge, CEO of Outsource.Digital
👐 Flexibility
📣 A true single source of truth
🌏 Remote collaboration-friendly
🧩 Extensive integrations
Also considered
Google Docs
Outsource.Digital eliminated their pricey tools and centralized the team with custom Coda docs that made pivotal work possible.
“We’ve pulled it all together in Coda—from planning all the way through development—and drastically cut the number of subscription licenses we pay for.
I started with task management and knowledge bases, and then I learned I could create my own apps in Coda docs. That was a game-changer. I built something powerful enough to replace Jira and other tools company-wide. Now, we do everything in Coda.
Plus, having our information and workflows live in Coda saves us a crazy amount of time. The leadership team isn’t getting sidetracked answering one-off questions, so we have that time back to focus on bringing in more business and making us money.”
Coda docs at work for Outsource.Digital:
Client request tracker
Task manager
Team knowledge hub
💰 Cost savings: $20,000 a year in tools eliminated.
“I liked building in Coda so much, I used the Packs SDK to create a Wordpress Pack. It gives our clients a way to update their Wordpress sites directly in Coda, and saves all of us time.”
Andy Beveridge, CEO of Outsource.Digital
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