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How Intercom PMMs save one day a month working in Coda.

Mark Iafrate, PMM & Partnerships at Intercom, shares his company’s experience with Coda.
Intercom needed an easy way to organize workflow, information, and resources for product launches.
“The coordination of cross-functional teams is crucial to the success of our PMM team at Intercom. The cost of having workflows live across siloed databases is the time you spend moving information ‘on-foot’ from one place to another.
My team initially started using Coda to organize and execute product launches, but after realizing how powerful and versatile it was, we adopted it for managing all our partner co-marketing activities.”
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“We needed to give people on various teams the information they need to understand our goals, complete their tasks, and keep the momentum going.”
Mark Iafrate, PMM & Partnerships at Intercom

🔀 Flexibility
⛏️ Customization
🌐 Integration with existing workflows
Also considered
“It can get cumbersome, especially if you try to stretch its use case at all.”
Use Coda to create a single source of truth that never gets stale.
"In about a day, I created a Coda document that keeps our partnerships team and several internal marketing teams up to date on all of our partner co-marketing activities. It's been our living source of truth for two years now.
Our co-marketing hub also syncs with databases living in other documents every few hours, so I don’t have to manually update different pieces of information. I know it’s always up to date, so I can confidently tell someone on our Field Marketing team to reference the Coda doc for whatever information or asset they need for a campaign. “
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Coda docs at work for Intercom:
Marketing systems

Launch planning.png
Launch planning

Company roadmap.png
Project roadmaps
CRM & reporting.png
Sales enablement

Task Management.png
Team management
Organizing materials

PMMs each save
🕐 8 hours every month of admin work
PMM work regularly done in Coda
📊 80%
“Coda makes it easy for people to get the information they need, which not only saves time, but also empowers them to do the job. Instead of fielding Slack messages throughout the day from people asking for help locating a specific timeline, message, contact, etc., teams across Intercom can just find what they need when they need it.
No one ever has to worry about redundancies like updating contact info for partners 20 different times in 20 different places. We edit in one place and it populates everywhere. Everyone is saving time.”

“I couldn’t do what I do in Coda with any other tool—it does so many different things! Now, I’m even paying for a personal account so I can bring all of these efficiencies to the rest of my life.”
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