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SchedulingDiversity & inclusionInterview planningOnboardingPipeline tracking

Docs in HR & recruiting

Why your company needs rituals: A Masters of Scale companion doc
Templates and insights from on the 8/18/20 episode of Masters of Scale.
Executive Onboarding: Shishir's Tips & Best Practices
An 8-week learning plan.
Square’s 1-on-1 Toolkit: The secret to managing your team’s careers
I'm Jenny, a Design Lead for Square's ECOM team. I developed this 1-on-1 doc to help my designers prioritize their career development and design beyond their day-to-day.
Claire's Offsite Toolkit
The Stripe COO's handbook for running offsites that work.
Benefits at Startups
We want to make it easy to set up benefits for your early stage company. This guide provides some best practices for benefits at startups.
Companies Still Hiring
Here is an updating list of stellar organizations that are #stillhiring.
Jessica Powell's Guide to Great 1:1s
5 ways to get the most out of one-on-ones
A framework for keeping one-on-ones organized and productive
The Digital Agency Operating System
An agency-in-a-box to manage your business
Interview Tracker
Interviewing can feel like a full-time job. Make the process of prioritizing and tracking your interviews easier, less stressful, and less time-consuming by using this customizable interview tracker.
What Are No-Code Tools & How To Build No-Code Apps
A new wave of makers can unleash their creativity like never before.
Onboarding at Startups
This onboarding guide will give your company the basic tools to get new employees set up for success on day one and throughout their entire tenure.
Who: A-Player Hiring Guide
A guide to solving your #1 problem: who to hire. Based on the popular books Who (Smart) & Work Rules! (Bock).
AirAlumni Hiring List
Here's a list of amazing people affected by the recent Airbnb layoffs.
Employee Onboarding Guide by Jessica Powell
You're a new manager about to hire a small team. You had zero onboarding to your role, and you want to do a better job for your own employees. What's a lightweight onboarding process that will not take up hours of your time?
Internship Tracker
SignalFire's Back-Office Adulting Guide
SignalFire's tools and tips for getting your startup set up as you scale from 0 to 50 employees.
Team Retrospective
Run a Team Retrospective to improve your processes
How Canva trained 800 employees to fuel a $6 Billion growth spurt
An inside look at how a small team designed and scaled learning standards for a $6 billion company.
Onboarding for New Hires
This onboarding template for new hires tracks all tasks, notes, and schedules in one place.
How Squared Away saves a thousand hours and $100k
A story about how a military spouse scaled an entire business using Coda.
2021 KP People Report
How to run the most effective one-on-one meeting [+Template]
A one on one meeting template for managers to keep track of their meeting notes with their direct reports. 1:1 meetings are important for performance feedback and goal setting.
Tally + Coda
Send form responses from Tally to Coda
Apply for the Coda Growth Fellowship!
Calling all college students interested in working in tech and gaining experience across growth, entrepreneurship, and product to apply by January 31, 2022!
Luc Levesque, Shopify's Chief Growth Officer: Leadership Blueprint Strategy - Updated 2020
Work more effectively and transparently with this guide to communicating quirks and values to colleagues.
Clement's PM Interview Practice Guide
An evidence-based method to land your next PM job, from the co-founder of Product Manager HQ.
Automatic Slack Birthday Message
A doc that automatically sends a birthday message to your coworkers on Slack.
Meeting Culture: How to achieve meeting performance excellence
The way teams meet has a huge impact on their success. Are your meetings working for your team? Use this doc to review your current meeting culture and begin the conversation with your team.
Pass the Praise Game