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About This Doc

This onboarding template for new hires tracks all tasks, notes, and schedules in one place.
The goal of onboarding is introducing our new hires to our values and services as quickly and efficiently as possible. This template lets them manage their schedules, notes, and tasks all in one place! For a new hire, onboarding can be daunting. Leaving your previous context behind, learning a new company culture, meeting new people, figuring out your job expectations - all slammed together in a short few weeks. Common frameworks for this used to live in wikis and in the brains of an internal mentor who also has a day job. Now it can all live in one living Coda doc - where it's easy to know where you are in the process and take down ideas during one of the most hectic parts of your company experience!


1️⃣ See all the tasks you need to complete on the section

2️⃣ View your schedule by day on

3️⃣ Send an email to the new hire with instructions with this button (e-mail in ) →
Send E-mail to New Hire

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