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Analog Origins

The Writing Game is a simple pen-and-paper party game. Participants sit in a circle, each with a piece of paper, and begin writing a few paragraphs of an original story on absolutely any topic. They leave the last sentence unfinished, fold the paper over so only the last sentence is visible (or close enough) and pass it to the next player, who then continues the story for a few paragraphs based on the vague prompt visible to them. This continues around the circle until everybody has written on everybody else's story, with the last writer on each attempting to take things to a conclusion.
The stories are then read aloud at the end. Hilarity ensues as the stories diverge in absurd directions.

Digital Re-creation

This online version seeks to replicate the flow of the original, but each player can contribute remotely from their own computer.
Click "Copy Doc" in the upper right to make a copy for each game that you want to play.
Each player should start at and click "I want to play!" to be added to the game. Once there are enough players, the game organizer
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