Wedding Planning Template

This wedding planning template can be your all-in-one, 100% customizable tool to plan your wedding. Forget all the separate spreadsheets, docs, to-do lists, and photo boards. Bring it all together and stay organized in just the way you want in Coda!
When my partner and I started to plan our wedding, we had spreadsheets, docs, Pinterest boards, random apps, and lots of emails all over the place. It was a mess and probably caused more stress than necessary. Once we pulled everything into Coda, it was smooth sailing. We could even pull in our parents, planner, and bridal party as necessary. As our wedding plans evolved, this doc evolved with us. It was the perfect way to plan our wedding and keep us sane throughout the process!

To customize and use this template, please copy the doc so that your changes will be saved!

This wedding planning doc helps us do all of the following:

👨‍👩‍👦 Keep track of your guest list and track RSVPs
✅Update to-dos for everyone
💰Manage your budget
🗓Share day-of agendas with your family and bridal party
🍽Make seating arrangements as simple as drag and drop!
🎶Set the play list for the ceremony and reception
🛍Manage vendors contacts

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