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Wedding Planning Guide for Your Big Day [+Template]

This wedding planning template can be your all-in-one, 100% customizable tool to plan your wedding. Forget all the separate spreadsheets, docs, to-do lists, and photo boards. Bring it all together and stay organized in just the way you want in Coda!
When my partner and I started to plan our wedding day, we had countless wedding planning spreadsheets, docs, Pinterest boards, random apps, and lots of emails all over the place. It was a mess and probably caused more stress than necessary. Once we pulled everything into Coda, it was smooth sailing. We could even pull in our parents, wedding planner, and bridal party as necessary. As our wedding plans evolved, this doc evolved with us. It was the perfect way to plan our wedding and keep us sane throughout the process!
To customize and use this template, please create a copy of the doc to save your changes!

A practical wedding planning template

This free wedding planning doc is designed to help streamline the entire wedding planning process. To ensure everything's perfect on your big day, you have to plan everything to the T. With this wedding planning template, you can comfortably ditch that Excel/Google Sheets as we've included everything you could possibly need for your planning process. The following sections will show a quick breakdown of each section in this template.

Keep track of your guest list and track RSVPs by using this template as your online invitee register:
Guest list
Ceremony - Confirmed
Rehersal Dinner - Confirmed
Still Need Invites

Update to-dos for everyone involved in the wedding planning process to gain a better overview of all tasks that aren't completed.
All To-Dos
Partner 1's To-Dos
Partner 2's To-Dos
Planner's To-Dos

This section of our online wedding binder includes everything you could possibly need to manage your wedding budget, share agenda's with your family and bridal party, make wedding seating arrangements, set the playlist for the ceremony and reception, and manage vendor contacts (but first, reach out to them with an !)
Seating arrangements
Song list

But what about any pre-wedding obligations? Create a detailed wedding planning timeline and inform everyone on time of any events happening the day before & the day-of!
Partner 1's Party
Partner 2's Party
Family's agenda

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Wedding Planning FAQs

What are the steps to planning a wedding?

When planning your own wedding, here are the main points that should be on your wedding planning checklist:
1. Create a wedding budget
2. Finalize your wedding guest list
3. Decide on the wedding party
4. Scout for wedding vendors
5. Create a seating chart
6. Save the date & send out wedding invitations
7. Find the perfect wedding dress & wedding suit for the groom

How do I organize my wedding planning?

Whether you're planning a simple or an over-the-top wedding, you'll still have a lot of things to do before the big day. The only way to make sure this is the best wedding you could have possibly imagined, we recommend that you:
Make lists to stay focused and organized
Make any worksheets you're using color-coded
Accept that you can't do everything yourself & delegate
Keep all ideas and important info in one wedding planning document
Start as soon as possible!

What do I need to pack for my wedding?

While you're bound to forget a thing or two, make sure you bring all items from this essential bride & groom packing list:
Wedding attire (dress, veil, suit, shoes, jewelry, suspenders, belt, cuff-links, etc.)
Getting-ready attire (robe, slippers)
Wedding rings
Makeup and hair accessories
Emergency kit (sewing kit, medicine, bobby pins, hair ties, heel protectors, medicine, etc.)
Copy of your vows
Marriage license

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