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Zoom Virtual Backgrounds: Hide My Mess

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Zoom Virtual Backgrounds: Hide My Mess

Zoom backgrounds for remote workers.
Remote work is at an all-time high in response to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus. Of course part of working remotely is taking meetings from home—maybe even more meetings than you had before working remotely, as you try to maintain social connections with coworkers, family, and friends via video calls. And as you observe the kitchens, living rooms, and studies of others in those meetings, you've suddenly become more conscious of your own surroundings...
Instead of spending the time tidying/decluttering/shoving things out of view, simply hide your mess with a Zoom virtual background.
Each day, you'll find a new featured background here. Want to choose your own? Use the browsable or search for what you want. And if you're new to Zoom virtual backgrounds, check out .

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