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We're and and we host a podcast called . We're still new to this podcasting thing, but we've learned quite a bit since starting this journey so we wanted to share our knowledge with you in the form of this doc.
Feature Overview
This section is just here to give you an overview of the features in this doc. You can archive or delete it to declutter the navigation.
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This doc provides Podcast Creators with the following features:
📝 Content
Easily create new sections from templates
Content Calendar
Manage Episode Data
Manage Topic Ideas
Resource Management
Personal Notes Section
Archive Folders (Move old sections here to keep UI clean)
🌍 Community
Collect and Manage Social Media Feedback (Twitter)
Sentiment analysis on listener feedback (Google Natural Language Pack)
📢 Sponsors
Sponsor & Advertising Management
🔨 Tools & Settings
Publish Checklist
Edit Efficiency Overview
Expense Tracking
CPM Calculator
User Interface Customisation
Detailed help section and Style Guide to help you shape this doc to your needs
🚧 Things we're working on
Add Topic Ideas using Siri Shortcuts (and other useful Siri Shortcuts)
Improved Community Management Tools
Send us feedback
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