Docs in Action items

Gokul's S.P.A.D.E. Toolkit
A technique for making difficult decisions—formed in my time as a Google and Facebook exec, and widely deployed at Square.
5 ways to get the most out of one-on-ones
A framework for keeping one-on-ones organized and productive
Pace Calculator: Calculate Run Performance
Running pace calculator for your mobile phone to calculate your finish times for marathons, 10Ks, and more. Easily calculate your pace and convert between miles and kilometers.
Scrum Project Template
Simple Brainstorm Template
A simple template to help you run a brainstorm in person or remote
How to Run your Distributed Staff Meetings like Zapier
Why you should use a meeting minutes template to keep track of decisions [+Template]
Meeting minutes are a log of what happened at a meeting. Unlike meeting agendas, meeting minutes focus on decisions made at the meeting.
Unacast's Management Team Meeting Template
Unacast's management team uses this template to review agenda topics and actions items during their management meetings. See agenda topics, action items, and owners of each topic and action item in one place.
Vote on ideas!
Vote on ideas!
From interview questions for guest speakers to tagline ideas to company name ideas—this doc can help brainstorm and decide options for anything you need.
Did you do it? - Power of Habit
An interactive framework for implementing The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg.
Extended Leave Tracker
Let your team and Coda organize your to-do list for an easy return
Retrospective Template: How to run an inclusive meeting in 30 minutes
Copy this template certified by Product School to collect feedback after a launch and ensure that everyone's voice is heard.
Todoist All-In-One Task Planner with Due Dates
Guide for Using Coda with the Todoist Pack
Landing Your Dream Job (Part 1)
Defining your goals and priorities
Subtasks in Coda
This doc will show you three simple ways to configure subtasks in Coda
Habit tracker
Habit tracker
A list to help you kickstart and maintain healthy daily routines and rituals.
Sticky Notes
Jot down your thoughts or use it as a place for team brainstorming
Task Management
GTD To-Do List
A quick guide on how to get started with your Getting Things Done To-Do list
EMS Inventory Management
A doc to keep a medical storage well-organized
Meetings Hub
Set an agenda, take meeting notes and track action items in a seamless manner
Terry Stagg
Template Add Rows
simple & complex variations
Open two modal views
Very simplified use case
Dale's To-Do List
Shop Local w/New York Nico
A list of some of NYCs best privately owned businesses.