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Wordpress To Coda

Pull Wordpress data into your Coda Doc
Getting your Wordpress data into Coda just got a whole lot easier.
Simple open your Pack, drag over your tables and Voilà!
Once your data is in Coda, display, filter, manipulate it any way you choose.
Here we have already set up a demo sites for you to view what can be done with this Pack & Plugin.
Some use case examples are:
Lots of users? Keep track of your users by pulling them into Coda.
Complicated site using search features? Visualise your categories and tags without leaving Coda.
Want to display Coda data on Wordpress? Embed tables, rows and cells directly into your Wordpress site. Add your business opening hours, or maybe a dynamic stock table and save on Wordpress plugin costs.
We have set up a number of example tables to show what can be done.
Some pages we have detailed our instructions and some we have not so you can get an idea of how it looks once cleaned up and also allow you to wrap your head around how it can all be put together.

Next Steps

Go through the pages for detailed guides on how to get data form Wordpress into Coda.

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