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Embed Data In Wordpress

Ensure you have connected and tested your connection first in the previous 2

Embed On Wordpress

Level: Advanced
To embed on Wordpress you will need to know how Shortcodes work and how to create them.
New users or beginners it is advisable at this stage to copy this Template to make it easier to learn the functionality.
Experienced Coda users you can work your way through and cherry pick the remainder of these guides when you get stuck. is advisable to
We only need one table embed to work to test if the functionality is working.
Embed A Table
To embed a table we need a shortcode.
Drag over your shortcode button from your Pack building blocks. Insert > Packs > Wordpress To Coda
Right click the button to change values or keep the default settings but ensure to
Click the button and wait for success message.
Re-sync your shortcode table and copy the new “Paste Shortcode into Wordpress” value.
Login to your Wordpress site and paste the shortcode within the page you want it displayed on.
Publish and view your page.


For a successful test we only need one table to show in Wordpress correctly to confirm our connections are working.
Embed On Wordpress


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