Wordpress + Coda Starter Kit

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Wordpress + Coda Starter Kit

Sync data between Wordpress and Coda with the click of a button. Add pages, edit posts, embed tables and much more, all from your Coda doc and Wordpress plugin.
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1. About this doc

Wordpress is the most commonly used website platform. This starter kit is designed to quickly integrate those two systems together and give you a guide on how to use the pack from easy to advanced tables.

2. What you can do with this pack.

We’ve tried to pack this Pack full of features and we will continue to improve the functionality the more feedback and requests we get from our users.
Currently there are 3 main parts to this Pack.
Pull - Wordpress data into your Coda doc. Pro & Lite Versions
Embed - Coda tables, rows, columns and cells into your Wordpress site using Shortcodes. Pro & Lite Versions
Create, Update & Delete - Wordpress data such as Users, Tags and Posts from within Coda. Pro Version
Your tables when changed on Coda will update live on your website with a simple refresh of your website page.

Can you spot how much of our site is pulled from Coda?
Check the examples on Demo site.
Don’t forget to look at the example pages. You can visit the linked tables later on on this doc.


3. Getting started...

There are 2 ways to get started with this pack.

Option 1 - By copying and “Re-Syncing” this template doc to your site

For those wanting to test out the Pack and learn how the formulas and tables all connect we recommend this option to start with. This is the best option if you are new to Coda or unsure about Packs and formulas.

Option 2 - By starting a fresh doc and building your own tables

If you’ve already used the Pack and and want to start with a fresh blank doc this is a good option. This is good for Coda experts who want to deep dive and create a truely unique experience.
IMPORTANT: Make sure you follow the when getting started.

4. Explore some Wordpress template demos & examples

After you’re all set-up up (and don’t forget to follow the set-up guides) why not explore some of our examples and see what you can do with this Pack.

5. Limitations & known bugs

As with any new development there’s always going to be some issues we encounter plus feature limitations with what we can do.
We have created a page where we will collate all these issues.

Next Steps

Get started in setting up your Pack go to:

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