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Beta Users - Read First Please

Hi Everyone,
If you’re reading this it means that you are one of our first Pack users and hopefully can help us with making this Pack a great addition to Coda.
We have spent a lot of time - mainly in this template, not only to make it easy for users to get started but also to show them some examples on how you can use this Pack to benefit your everyday Wordpress usage.
As with any new app/pack/system, if it’s too difficult to use, or too many problems that frustrations levels increase, then it gets scrapped pretty quickly. We want the user experience to be seamless and people to adopt our pack quickly and with the least resistance possible.
We have a range of Coda users testing from beginners to developers so we understand each of you may be able to provide your own valuable feedback and welcome all feedback good and bad that you can share.
Our initial idea is to share the Pack and this Doc Guide without any communication so you can test it as though it was already live. If this goes well, we will continue this way as we won’t be there when it’s published to the gallery to help people as they install it.
However, if we run into too many issues we will start testing over zoom video screen-shares so we can better understand what parts are causing the most issues.
While getting started, depending on your time, we would greatly appreciate if you could either:
Video your screen with voice feedback; or
Just voice feedback or video; or
Take notes or comments as you go; and/or
Fill in Bugs, Issues button below

Once again thank you for helping us with our Beta testing. We look forward to getting this Pack live to the gallery. We also have a Woocommerce pack heading this way soon so keep a look out for that!

Best Regards,


Tech Chap |

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