Wordpress + Coda Starter Kit
4. Embedding On Wordpress

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Shortcode Manager (SCM)

Manage your Shortcodes from a Coda table

Why use Shortcodes?

Shortcodes have been a part of Wordpress for many years now and are a valuable way of adding content quickly and easily while allowing you some ability to alter the presentation of the content.
Here we use Shortcodes to display our Coda content. We also have the ability to manipulate how we display the Coda data on Wordpress, such as displaying a full Coda table, a row of a table, the order of the table rows or even if it has a column title showing or not.

What is the “Shortcode Manager (SCM)” table

To help get you started and make updating your website with Coda as simple as possible we have created a “Shortcode Manager” table or SCM for short.
This table makes it easier for you to add, update and delete your Shortcodes as well as keep track of how you are using them.
By creating a table and adding our “Shortcode Pack formulas” into buttons within the table we can quickly get started in displaying content on your website.
You can copy and use our table or if you like build your own to suit your needs.

Understanding How It Works

Each pack contains a formula or action at the base level. These are connected using Pack buttons. We can create these buttons anywhere including in tables or simply drag over from our Pack.
As some of these buttons contain many parameters we can simplify certain workflows by creating additional tables that utilise the button formulas.
That’s what we have done with our SMC. We have mapped the columns in our table to the button parameters
Below is a “Detail” view of our SCM table where you can see all the parameters.
Looks complicated? Don’t worry we will start slowly by creating a simple Shortcode first.

Next Steps

Set up your first Shortcode
Shortcode Manager
Opening Hours Table
Embed opening hours table
Advanced Opening Hours
One line that shows a table in Coda for the correct day of today.
Stock Prices
A list taken from Coda Pack Stocks
Weather Table AU
A list taken from Coda Pack Weather
Homepage Banner
The title of the HP banner
5 Day Sydney Weather Forecast
5 Day Sydney Weather Forecast
Daily Quote 1
Daily Quote RSS feed
Daily Quote 2
Daily Quote RSS feed
Banner Daily
Home Page Daily Message
Contact Page Banner
Contact Us - Phone 8545 3456
About Us Page Banner
About Us - Meet Our Team
Services Page Banner
Our Services
Opening Hours Table
Embed Type
Table View Sync
Embed opening hours table
Unique Shortcode Slug
Opening Hours
Paste Shortcode into Wordpress
[coda id="Opening Hours"]
View or Table ID
Table Link Reference
Column ID
Sort By
Hide Table Headers
Sync Shortcode
[  ]
Create Shortcode
Update Shortcode
Delete Shortcode
Unique Shortcode Slug (No spaces or special characters)
Table Matched ID
Parameter Type
Show hidden columns

Next Steps

Set up your first Shortcode

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