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Opening Hour Examples

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Advanced Opening Hours

Level: Advanced

This example shows how with a little creativity we can show some advanced tables and controls.
We have created a control table so we can have a “version” history and also a “publish” type feature.
We have created a synced table and a control table so we can push changes to the sync table and manage our “sync” status
Locking Safety Feature to prevent accidental edits or deletions should we have a shared doc for example.
We unlock the table and push edit to change the times. Once we save it will show what is needing synced. We can bulk sync all our changes or push the row sync button for one at a time. If we make a mistake we can revert back.
Although this may be overkill for an opening hours table, it can be used for publishing anything on your Wordpress site with an added bit of safety or even an approval first before publishing..

Lock Edit Safety Box
Your changes have all been synced
In Sync
Opening Hours Control Table
Here we show the table where we save our changes too.
Synced: Opening Hour Advanced table-KN1RuJgdUG 3

Advanced Opening Hour Message

Here we have created a table to reference our “opening hours table” and figure out what times we are open and closed today.
We then create a “Cell” shortcode to display on our website.
(Please note our example may not reflect correct “open/close” times if you are in a different timezone than our doc.)
Displays if we are open or closed.
Displays times for todays hours.
Advanced Opening Hour Message

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