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How to get Coda IDs

The ID’s below are used in this pack. We will show you how to locate the ID’s
Please watch the video to see how to get your ID’s. Don’t forget to switch on

Coda Doc URL & Doc ID

Full URL

The full Coda doc URL including the page you are on, can be found in your browser address bar.


To get the Doc URL paste the address and then look for the “_dxxxxxxxx”. Remove the text after the slash as referenced below
Our Doc URL is:

Doc ID

The Doc ID is the string after the “_d
So our Doc ID would be AhT7JKdOhz

Coda View or Table ID

The view and table ID can be found by clicking the menu at the left of the table. If you do not see it you may need to switch on first. RAW tables will start with “grid-xxxxxx where as View tables will start with “table-xxxxxx
You can also find the RAW Table ID by using a formula within a column.

Coda Row UID

To get the rowUID we first want to differentiate between ROWID and ROWUID
The rowID is a standard Coda property that is a number order from when the row was created. So a new table with one row would have the rowID of “1”.
The rowUID is a “unique” code that allows the API to know exactly which row to target
This is the formula for getting ROW UID
View of grid-vIFf5Squoy with VIEW ID table-6CprgBPXNj
This column ID is c-EcLTQkrUH4
There are no rows in this table

Coda Column ID

This column ID is c-EcLTQkrUH4
This column is c-isqd_Qh9GV
By right clicking the column header we can find the column ID at the bottom.
There are no rows in this table
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