Ascenders: Simulation Whitepaper

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Workers are an essential input in Ascenders: Simulation. Workers need to be assigned to any of the in order for them to function. Workers can be selected in 5 different “Levels” marked as Mk.I through Mk.V

Worker Tiers

Whenever you use one of the , you need to assign a worker. Initially, only the Mk.I Worker is available to use, this is the basic worker, which has the cheapest $AGEM cost but also to lowest output. As you level up and advance in your Levels, additional workers are unlocked to choose from.
Each Mk. has an increased output level, at the cost of additional $AGEM and production time. For example, a Mk.IV Worker will produce more than a Mk.II Worker, but the Mk.IV Worker will cost more $AGEM and take longer to complete their task than the Mk.II Worker.

Foundation Size and Workers

The difference in workers used for production determines the output results of the process, just like how the size of the the structures are built on can determine a higher or lower output rate.
When combined, the additional outputs of a Mk.V Worker and huge foundation can greatly contribute to additional resources or production outputs. However, the cost and time of doing so also increases, and players should carefully evaluate the balance they strike between workers and structure sizes. Especially for rare or limited resources the combination of high level workers and large structure sizes can give the player advantageous results.

SFT Boosts

Minted SFTs in the Player’s can present an additional boost to specific workers. One of the many different boosts present in Ascenders: Simulation is the SFT which upgrades the speed or output benefits of a specific worker. It’s important to track which boosts your game benefits from, and choose the right worker for the job.


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