Ascenders: Simulation Whitepaper
Utility Buildings

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Community Hall

The Community Hall is part of the in the . The Community Hall allows you to see the top contributors of Ascenders: Simulation, which can earn you $AGEM, SFTs and even additional NFTs.
From the Community Hall, you can view both the Community Treasury and the Leaderboards.
It needs to be constructed on the Home Land once the player reaches the appropriate Level. It has a reserved foundation in both cities (), and will cost the usual $AGEM and to construct.

Community Treasury

One of the features of the Community Hall is the Community Treasury. The Community Treasury lets you see the overall inventory that is collected from the withdrawal fee located in the . Each city has its own Community Treasury and can hold $AGEM and in-game items.
The contents of the Community Treasury are used like a jackpot to return to the community. During events from the or special , a part of this treasury is used to award the most dedicated players. Another part is used for general community rewards during special milestones.


In the Community Hall, you can see the current top contributors for the and the special event from the . In each city, they will be displayed on the leaderboards in the Community Hall. The Leaderboards will only display the top 100 contributors and your own personal ranking, to compare how close you are to being in top 100.
At the end of an event or when the Weekly Deals reset, the Leaderboards will also reset, giving everyone a new chance to take the spot at the top of the Leaderboards.
“Every community needs a home, a central place to relax, compare friendly rivalries, and organize some supervised competitions with price pools. Besides, who wouldn’t want to see a holographic display of their enterprise in the hall where people come to check the leaderboards?”

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