Ascenders: Simulation Whitepaper

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Home Land

The Home Land is the starting point for every player, whether you own Premium Land NFTs or not. The Home Land is the center of operations in Ascenders: Simulation, and allows you to access all the and track your Hub Level.
When you first start Ascenders: Simulation, you have to choose if you want to join Olympus or Alexandria. These are two Worldships that are part of the greater narrative of Ascenders. Based on your choice in Ascenders: Simulation, it affects the environment of your Home Land. Your choice also affects which exclusive resources you have access to in the Home Land.


At first, the majority of in the Home Land are locked. As you play Ascenders: Simulation, you gain access to additional Utility Buildings, opening up more parts of the game to you. The only pre-built structure when you start is the .
You can track your Level and progress in the . One of the many rewards you get for gaining levels is additional foundations for your Home Land.
The is the first Utility Building that can be constructed, which provides the player with additional resources via daily tasks and challenges.
Once all of the Utility Buildings are unlocked, construction on begin. The first portal that requires several stages to complete is the Premium Land Portal, which grants you access to all your NFTs, as well as their foundations and . This is the most important stage of progression for the Home Land, as it can greatly increase the income of resources for Premium Land owners.


Based on which city the Home Land is a part of, the you can extract in the Home Land will be different. Players can still gain access to the resources that belong to the other city based on their Premium Land NFTs and the Utility Building.
The Six City-Exclusive Resources
Phosphorite Ore.png
An Uncommon raw resource only found in Olympus.
The Elysium Fields bloom in part due to the rich phosphate found in the soil, causing the flora to grow rampant.”
Quartz Ore.png
An Uncommon raw resource only found in Alexandria.
“Part of the beauty of Alexandria is due to the fact that Quartz can be found among the grains of beach sand.”
Cobaltite Ore (1).png
A Rare raw resource only found in Alexandria.
“An infamous metal to work with due to its magnetic nature while heated. Best not play baseball in summer with it.”
Petalite Ore.png
A Rare raw resource only found in Olympus.
Gaining its name from the world “Petal”, when these blow in the wind it’s considered better to duck.”
Ergalite Ore.png
A Legendary raw resource only found in Olympus.
“Its name is derived from “Intergalactic Rock”, which could be considered misleading on an Alien planet.”
Monazite Ore.png
A Legendary raw resource only found in Alexandria.
It turns out Monazite Sand led to the technological advancements needed for ARIADNE’s inner circuits.”

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