Ascenders: Simulation Whitepaper
Production Structures

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The Fabricator is a structure that can be built on any built foundation of any size in the or a . It is one of the three core that directly feeds into the resource and crafting game loop by turning into . In order to build a Fabricator, you need to pay some $AGEM and resources. The cost can vary based on the foundation size.


The Fabricator plays an essential role in the resource and crafting game loop. It turns all the excavated via the and refined resources from the into Components. The process to turn resources into Components works similar to the Extractor and Refinery, but can only function if you have the required resources in your inventory.
If you have the minimal amount of resources required to use the Fabricator, you select your just like with the other and check the time, cost, and output of the process. When you confirm your selection, the fabrication of the Component starts, and at the end of the timer, you get the Component.
Components are primarily used for crafting in the , , as well as future crafting structures that will be added to the .
Just like the Refinery, a Fabricator does not require any resources to be available in the foundation. This makes it an excellent structure to build on foundations without any resources available.


are essential items in the later stages of gameplay in Ascenders: Simulation. They are made by using the Fabricator structure to convert refined resources into Components. Because they are used for SFT crafting and the , they can directly feed into progress and boosts the player can use to grow their enterprise even further. They don’t have a listed rarity, but since the cost of getting all the materials necessary to make them is in part the sum of all its previous parts, it makes them one of the most valuable items currently in the game.
There is no city restriction on Components, but it is significantly harder to get the city-exclusive summed up to a point to make Components out of, making the Components that are made out of that are refined from city-exclusive raw resource some of the most valuable trading items on the market.
Later features that will be added to Ascenders: Simulation will add more uses for Components, especially in the resource and crafting game loop. The exact details are still unknown, but they will contribute to the next step in the growth of your enterprise.
“We thought we had mastered crafting on Earth. Only now do we realize that we haven’t even passed the beginner’s course. Every art piece starts with a single stroke.”
List of Components
A Component made out of Iron and Methane.
Fe-Si Plate.png
A Component made out of Iron and Silicon.
EUV Cylinder.png
A Component made out of Methane and Phosphate.
A Component made out of Silicon and Graphene.
A Component made out of Phosphate and Graphene.
Ray Tube.png
A Component made out of Girdoline and Tungsten.
Durability Coating.png
Li-Gi Battery.png
Uranium Pellet.png
Uranium Fuel Cell.png
Field Generator.png
Chaos Cell.png

All Launch Components


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