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Foundations are a core feature of Ascenders: Simulation. They can be built on specific “plots” in Ascenders: Simulation. Foundations are then used as the base on which you can build . The limited amount of foundations available demands careful consideration from players what to build and where, since each foundation has different benefits. Usually speaking, the player gets to decide what they wish to construct on each foundation, with the exception of specific foundations in the which are reserved for .

Foundation Variation

Foundations can vary from one another in , size, and whether or not they are reserved for specific structures.

Foundation Reservation

Foundations are sometimes reserved for specific structures to be built. The reserved foundations only appear in the Home Land and are used for . Every other foundation in Premium Land NFTs or on the Home Land is unreserved, and the player can freely decide what to build on them.
A foundation being built on a plot, with the base of a structure on top.

Foundation Size

One of the clearest differences in foundations is their size. There are four different foundation sizes. The larger size of a foundation, the bigger the output rate of can be:
Small (S) Foundations are the standard foundations. Small foundations produce the least amount of resources or output. However, Small foundations have the lowest cost of $AGEM and fastest construction time for building a structure out of all the other foundation sizes.
Medium (M) Foundations are the second tier of foundations. They are also the biggest unreserved foundation size the player can use in the Home Land. The cost for using medium foundations is slightly bigger than the small foundations, but the results are slightly better for medium foundations, depending on what structure is built on them.
Large (L) Foundations (Premium Land only) are the second-biggest foundations players can own and build on. These have a good production rate, but also require more input costs and time in order to function. Usually speaking, if there are no rare resources available on that foundation, large foundations are great for structures that can take their time.
Huge (XL) Foundations (Premium Land only) are the biggest foundation available in Ascenders: Simulation. Their excellent production rate and quality make up for their higher maintenance cost and input requirements. There usually aren’t many huge foundations available, so constructing something permanent such as a on huge foundations maximizes their value.
Number of Foundations
The foundations per Premium Land can vary in both number and size, based on the NFT trait. Generally speaking, the size of the Premium Land indicates a higher chance of additional foundations, but this isn’t guaranteed if the foundations are larger in size, taking up the space for the smaller foundations.

Land Resources

There is a whole selection of available in Ascenders: Simulation. Each Premium Land has foundations, and each Premium Land has a different list of resources they have access to.
No Resources - It is possible that one of the foundations on the Home Land contains no resources. These foundations are generally meant for any other structure than , such as the and the . Premium Land always has resources available on each foundation.
Premium Lands - You can already see which resources will be available on a Premium Land by checking out the NFT and the NFT traits.

Building a Foundation

Every foundation initially needs to be built on a specific plot, preventing you from constructing a structure on it until the foundation is built. Building the foundation requires resources and time. You only have a limited number of foundations available to you, and you gain access to more foundations over time based on your Level.
Once you have unlocked an additional foundation, you must select it to begin building it. Building a foundation costs resources and time, but no workers or $AGEM. If the resources are paid, the foundation will be built over time. Once that timer is done, you can construct structures on it.
Bigger Foundations take longer to build, which may affect the time it takes to fully utilize, but once a foundation has been built, it remains accessible to you as long as you own the land.
The foundations on the Premium Land are generally speaking quickly built up and accessible for use after the Premium Land is acquired.

Building on a Foundation

If the foundation is built, players can construct a structure on it. For any normal foundation, any of the can be built, but in the Home Land special foundations are reserved for the . These structures can only be built once, and cannot be destroyed. Building a structure on a foundation costs resources, time, and $AGEM.
In order to build a different structure on a foundation which already has something constructed on it, players must destroy the building first before they can replace it with the desired structure. More information on structures can be found on the page.

Foundation Capacity Pool

The amount of resources available to be extracted in a land has a limit.
In your Home Land, each foundation has its own list of resources. For each resource when you extract it, the total number of that resource available decreases, until it is fully depleted. When one resource is depleted, you can still access the other resources available on that foundation until the entire pool has reached its capacity. You can restore these resource pools via the .
Each foundation in the Home Land will give you a set of resources available, so the maximum resources you can extract from the Home Land before you need to refill the resource pools is the same for every player.
For the Premium Land, the list of resources available in each foundation is the same, based on the NFT traits. Which means each foundation in a Premium Land has access to the same resource list, but maintains its own capacity. Larger foundations generally hold more resources than small foundations. Whenever the resource pool is refreshed via the , all Premium Land foundations are also replenished.


Whitepaper 1.1:
Plots page is replaced with “Foundations”, as plots are the selectable tiles and foundations are the base you built on top for structures.
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