Ascenders: Simulation Whitepaper

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What is $AGEM?

The in-game token $AGEM acts as a currency for most interactions in Ascenders: Simulation. $AGEM is an unlimited supply utility ERC-20 token which isn’t sold pre-launch or outside of the game. You can only get it while you play the game after launch.

What can I use $AGEM for?

The game is designed around $AGEM as a currency that runs the in-game economy. Which means $AGEM goes into it and can come back out at a profit. You spend $AGEM to operate your structures and lands to make sure it functions properly, and with the produced goods and items you get out of it, you can earn $AGEM by completing challenges or trading with Merchants and Players.
$AGEM can also be used to acquire SFTs that help boost your production.
You can not use $AGEM to trade your Premium Land NFTs.

$AGEM Supply and Value

$AGEM supply and value are important for us and the community. This is why we show the total supply in circulation of $AGEM and the next halving event for $AGEM inside of Ascenders: Simulation via the
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At the A.I. Announcer, you can see the following details:
Total $AGEM minted
Total $AGEM Burned
Total $AGEM Supply in circulation
This data is collected from the blockchain. We want you to have an accurate insight into the total supply of minted, burned and circulating $AGEM tokens.

Halving Events

Halving Events will be applied since $AGEM will have an unlimited supply. We do this to keep the economy healthy, as we monitor it actively to ensure it remains a healthy economy for everyone involved.
The exact values and details of Halving Events are WIP, as we monitor and consider what is the best course of action for the community and the game as a whole.
Halving the $AGEM token will affect elements such as the workers hire cost, the construction costs, and general trading interactions.

Managing $AGEM

In order to withdraw and deposit $AGEM in Ascenders: Simulation, you can use the Vault structure found on the Home Land.
Your personal inventory exists both off-chain and on-chain, allowing you to update their data and synch them up without having to move items between two inventories.
You will be able to deposit items from your inventory directly in-game, although it will require a gas fee to transfer your SFTs and $AGEM.
It is possible to deposit the $AGEM and SFT items from Ascenders: Simulation into your contract wallet, although we advise against this to avoid accidentally sending over your Premium Land NFTs as well. Make sure you always check your transactions!
Withdrawing your items can be done in game for a base fee and additional gas fee. Based on the number of tokens you are transferring, the commission fee can vary.

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