Ascenders: Simulation Whitepaper
Utility Buildings

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Hub Building

The Hub Building is part of the in the . The Hub Building is core to your progression in Ascenders: Simulation, and generally considered your center of operations. It allows you to track your Level, progression, and which unlocks are awaiting you at different stages of the game.
Out of all the Utility Buildings, the Hub Building is the only pre-built structure in your Home Land when you begin your journey. Which means it’s one of the rare structures that has no cost or construction time.
The Hub Building is also the only building which upgrades as you play, without having to reconstruct it. As you earn XP and unlock extra Levels, it also upgrades your game with new content, for example by gaining access to new , , and .

Journey Levels

From the moment you start playing Ascenders: Simulation, you gain XP by completing tasks and engaging with several activities. Your progression is recorded in the Hub Building, and is generally referred to as your Journey or Level. Each time you earn enough XP points to advance into the next Level, you get notified of your progress and newly unlocked content.
At launch, The Hub Building has new and additional content up to level 45, but players can go to an even higher Level in advance with enough XP. When you start your Journey in Ascenders: Simulation, Your Hub Building Level is level 1.
A lot of Ascenders: Simulation is based on your Level, including new , access to your , and which resources you can access to, making this one of the most important aspects of the game. It can take time to get to the higher Levels, but once full access has been unlocked, the player has far more control over their enterprise and how they wish to engage with the economy.
“The center of an individual’s operation, you can judge someone’s industrial success by the level and size of their Hub Building. In fact, there are some folk who believe the Worldships themselves were nothing more than a Hub Building at first.”

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